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Melody Gardot/Philippe Powell: Entre Eux Deux
17,90 €
7-14 dní
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Baden Powell, Francis Lai, Melody Gardot, Philippe Powell
Melody Gardot, Philippe Powell
Zoznam skladieb
1 This foolish heart could love you
2 What of your eyes
3 Plus forte que nous
4 A la Tour Eiffel
5 Fleurs de Dimanche
6 Samba em preludio
7 Perhaps you’ll wonder why
8 Recitativo
9 Ode to every man
10 Darling fare thee well
She has done it again: the musical chameleon Melody Gardot has recorded an album that is not comparable with any of her predecessors and once again shows her immense talent as a singer and songwriter before your eyes, or ears. Only in duet with an equally talented musician she develops a rare musical pull and poetic magic. The album is an oasis of calm and musical concentration, which is able to grab the listener in a delicate way. As if whispering directly into your ear, Gardot sings great new songs here that seem like half-forgotten evergreens. in 2020, Melody Gardot still wrapped her songs on the successful album "Sunset In The Blue" in shimmering string arrangements, in 2015 she surprised on "Currency Of Man" with raw, grooving songs that addressed socio-political issues and which STERN dubbed a 'milestone of pop'. Now, in 2022, Melody Gardot recalls the motto 'less is more' and meets for a musical tête-à-tête with pianist and composer Philippe Baden Powell, son of Brazilian music legend Baden Powell de Aquino, who died in 2000. With the exception of one track penned by French film music great Francis Lai and one by Philippe Baden Powell's famous father, all the tracks are by Gardot and Gardot/Powell respectively. Given the high musical and lyrical level, this is another surprise of this unusual album, which with bittersweet melancholy has a natural, lifelike charisma that has become rare in pop and jazz.
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