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Absolute Ensemble: Arabian Nights/Live at Town Hall NYC
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Absolute Ensemble
Absolute Ensemble, Bachar Khalifé, Bassam Saba, Daniel Schnyder, Kristjan Järvi, Marcel Khalifé
Zoznam skladieb
1 Bahriyyeh
2 La priere de l'absent
3 AMR I Bismiki
4 Da kord
5 Oyun 1
6 Oyun 2
7 Bayat - Concerto for Nay by Daniel Schnyder
8 Badr
9 Dawr Hindi
10 Nida'a
11 Karachi
12 Sabah el Leil
"Arabian Nights is a sound project that was first performed at Musikfest Bremen in an airfield hangar in the aftermath of the 9/11 catastrophe. The concept was developed by Daniel Schnyder together with the Absolute Ensemble. It incorporates both cultures, the Middle Eastern and the Western, no matter how delicate it is to find a balance between the Western and the Oriental instruments. Arabic music does not know chromaticism, so the compositions had to be written in Arabic scales and keys. The Arabic instruments intonate in quarter tones - again compromises had to be found. Marcel Khalifé is UNESCO's Artist for Peace, sometimes referred to as the "Bob Dylan of the Middle East" - the Lebanese oud master has long been internationally recognized as a guru of the instrument. He now represents the Arabic Nagam Cultural Project in Houston, Texas Bassam Saba founded the Arabic Orchestra New York and is considered the most important nay player in the world today. Swiss/American composer and saxophonist Daniel Schnyder wrote Concerto for Nay for him. Daniel, whose work ranges from classical string quartets to grand opera, from violin concertos to brass music, has long been a specialist in "other music", probably inspired by his youth spent in Damascus. The Arabic lines he writes are truly authentic and difficult to realize for Western instruments The rehearsals were a confused mixture of Arabic, English, French which at some point dissolved into singing, clapping, rhythmic stomping. Compromises arose - what could be more political? Only when we gave up what we had learned for so long did great, peaceful music happen The project was recorded live at New York's Town Hall to an enthusiastic audience. Town Hall has long been a symbol of equality and the opportunities it gives to all music there. The Absolute Ensemble back in its birthplace! A privilege denied to so many Arabs, including Khalifé's comrade-in-arms for many years, the late Palestinian poet Darwish. Arabian Nights symbolizes the commitment of the ensemble and the composers to change in music, to break down the barriers that exist not only between cultures but also between musicians. It is our way of finding the spirit and beauty in all music." --Hayley Melitta Reid
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