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De Profundis
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Carlos David Perales, György Kurtág, Hèctor Parra, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Miguel Angel Berbis, Simon Steen-Andersen
Carles Salvador, Jenny Guerra, María Bazal, Miguel Angel Berbis, Xelo Giner
Zoznam skladieb
1. Kurtág, György: Signs, Games and Messages: In Nomine - all'ongherese (arr. X. Giner for saxophone)
2. Stockhausen, Karlheinz: In Freundschaft for Saxophone, Work No. 46 9/10
3. Parra, Hèctor: Chymisch
4. Steen-Andersen, Simon: De Profundis (version for saxophone and percussion)
5. Perales, Carlos David: Theatrique

Kurtág, György
6. Signs, Games and Messages: … ein Brief aus der Ferne an Ursula … (arr. X. Giner for saxophone)
7. Signs, Games and Messages: Angelus Silesius: Die Ros' (arr. X. Giner for voice and saxophone)
8. Signs, Games and Messages: … ein Sappho-Fragment … (arr. X. Giner for saxophone)
9. Signs, Games and Messages: Hommage à Elliot Carter: No. 1. Capriccio (arr. X. Giner for saxophone)
10. Signs, Games and Messages: Lorand Gaspar: Désert (arr. X. Giner for voice and saxophone)
11. Signs, Games and Messages: Einen Augenblick lang … (arr. X. Giner for saxophone)

12. Stockhausen, Karlheinz: Dienstag aus Licht, Act I: Jahreslauf: Saxophone, Work No. 2. ex 47 (version for soprano saxophone and bongo)
13. Berbis, Miguel Angel: Juana la Loca
Xelo Giner is one of the great exponents of contemporary saxophone music, and her programme binds together each piece in a logical progression that also reflects the turbulence and vicissitudes of the European avant-garde. Kurtág’s miniatures, in arrangements by the composer, summon up the essence of his aesthetic ideology, while Stockhausen explores elements of antagonistic forces in In Freundschaft. Steen-Andersen’s De Profundis demands extreme virtuosity, and Hèctor Parra’s sonic alchemy in Chymisch shows how composers are extending the instrument’s technical compass.
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