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Handel: Coronation Anthems
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Georg Friedrich Händel
Hervé Niquet, Le Concert Spirituel
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1 Coronation Anthem No. 1, HWV258 'Zadok the Priest'

Coronation Anthem No. 2, HWV259 'Let Thy Hand be Stengthened'
2 I. Let Thy Hand Be Strengthened
3 II. Let Justice and Judgment Be The Preparation Of Thy Seat
4 III. Alleluja

Coronation Anthem No. 3, HWV260 'The King Shall Rejoice'
5 I. The King Shall Rejoice
6 II. Exceeding Glad Shall He Be
7 III. Glory and Worship Hast Thou Laid Upon Him
8 IV. Alleluja

Coronation Anthem No. 4, HWV261 'My Heart is Inditing'
9 I. My Heart Is Inditing
10 II. Kings' Daughters Were Among thy Honourable Women
11 III. Upon Thy Right Hand Did Stand The Queen in Vesture of Gold
12 IV. Kings Shall Be Thy Nursing Fathers

Te Deum in D Major, HWV 283
13 I. We Praise Thee, O God
14 II. All the Earth Doth Worship Thee
15 III. To Thee all Angels Cry Aloud
16 IV. To Thee Cherubin and Seraphin Continually Do Cry
17 V. The Glorious Company of the Apostles Praise Thee
18 VI. Thou Art the King of Glory
19 VII. When Thou Tookest Upon Thee to Deliver Man
20 VIII. When Thou Hadst Overcome the Sharpness of Death
21 IX. Thou Sittest at the Tight Hand of God
22 X. Sinfonia
23 XI. We Therefore Pray Thee, Help Thy Servants
24 XII. Make Them to Be Numbered With Thy Saints
25 XIII. Day by Day We Magnify Thee
26 XIV. Vouchsafe, O Lord
27 XV. O Lord, in Thee Have I Trusted
‘Well, what a surprise – a divine surprise! I have delighted in immersing myself in the world of Handel for more than forty years now. But I must admit that I experienced yet another lesson in strength and joy when I toured and recorded the Dettingen Te Deum and the Coronation Anthems’, says Hervé Niquet. As a lover of large orchestral formations, he has assembled a number of instrumentalists and singers close to the (gigantic) forces used at the premiere, with a large band of oboes, bassoons and trumpets, and assigned the solo arias to the entire ‘chapel’. Niquet speaks of ‘the glittering power of this ceremonial music concocted by a Handel conscious of placing the best of his genius at the service of the crown and of history’, and he in turn invests all his enthusiasm and expressiveness in these works combining ‘grace and strength’. Fans of Champions League football will recognise in Zadok the Priest the theme of that competition’s anthem!
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