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The Rough Guide to Music Without Frontiers (2CD)
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Namgyal Lhamo
World Music Network
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Disc: 1
1. The Garifuna Collective - Alagan (Legacy) (Garifuna) - The Garifuna Collection
2. Parno Graszt - Koro Kino (Roma) - Parno Graszt
3. Mariem Hassan - Rahy El Aaiún Egdat (Western Sahara) - Mariem Hassan
4. The Kamkars - Set Me Free (Segah) - The Kamkars
5. Ali Mohammed Birra - Kan Ati Fettun Asani Infedhani (Oromo) - Ali Mohammed Birra
6. Bi Kidude - Kijiti (Zanzibar) - Bi Kidude
7. Hanggai - Four Seasons (Inner Mongolia) - Hanggai
8. Voce Di Corsica - A Me Brunetta (Corsica) - Voce Di Corsica
9. A Tribe Called Red - The Road (Feat. Black Bear) (First Nations) - A Tribe Called Red
10. Abdul Ghapur, Gul Muhammad & Yusup Koshkalat - Sheki Saz (Balochistan) - Abdul Ghapur, Gul Muhammad & Yusup Koshkalat
11. Ramzi Aburedwan - Rahil (Palestine) - Ramzi Aburedwan
12. Tashi Lhunpo Monks - Ngag-Ki-Rolyang (Tibet) - Tashi Lhunpo Monks
13. Yarkend Dance, Song Ensemble & Sanam Ensemble - Dastan Neghmeh & Marghul I (Excerpt) (Uyghyur) - Yarkend Dance, Song Ensemble & Sanam Ensemble
14. Korrontzi - Belardi (Basque) - Korrontzi

Disc: 2
1. Asas
2. Vira dos Malmequeres
3. Segredos
4. Rosa Vermelha
5. Algemas
6. Incerteza
7. Ponham Flores na Mesa
8. Vodka e Valium 10
9. Amor de Mel, Amor de Fel
10. Fados dos Olhos
11. As Rosas/ Promessa
12. A Voz da Poesia
13. Procuro e Não te Encontro
14. Lisboa à Noite
15. Pranto de Um Amor Ausente
16. Chora, Mariquinhas Chora
17. Arraial
18. Perdigão
Unrepresented and stateless peoples produce some of the world's greatest music - music without frontiers. This Rough Guide celebrates the remarkable and diverse music of the indigenous peoples and minorities living in unrecognised or occupied territories around the world, including Palestine, Tibet, Garifuna and Western Sahara. For unrepresented peoples such as the Palestinians, Roma, Kurds, Corsicans, Uyghyurs and Tibetans, without state support for music academies, cultural centres or institutions of higher learning, preserving music, and creating new art forms becomes a key part of their identity, a symbol of defiance against the pressures of assimilation, and one of the only ways to pass on traditions to future generations. While the stateless lack many means of promotion, their personal stake in cultural preservation has played a large role in creating some of the best music... without frontiers. Bonus CD: 'Songs From Tibet' by Namgyal Lhamo Namgyal Lhamo is the acclaimed exponent of Tibetan traditional singing and Tibetan Opera, Lhamo. Steeped in the folk and classical traditions of her country, she continues to receive universal recognition and has been aptly christened The Nightingale of Tibet.
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