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Berners: The Triumph of Neptune - L'uomo dai Baffi
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Lord Berners
Clive Bayley, David Lloyd-Jones, English Northern Philharmonia, Royal Ballet Sinfonia
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The Triumph of Neptune
1. Prelude
2. Schottische
3. Cloudland
4. Farewell: Scherzo
5. The Frozen Forest: Adagio
6. Variation 1
7. Variation 2
8. Variation 3
9. Variation 4
10. Coda
11. Entr'Acte: Hornpipe
12. Polka
13. Intermezzo: Sunday Morning
14. Entry of Neptune's Chariot
15. Dance of the Fairy Princess
16. Harlequinade
17. Variation
18. Hornpipe
19. Apotheosis

L'uomo dai baffi (The Man with the Moustache)
20. Strada d'oro
21. Intermezzo I (arr. P. Lane for orchestra)
22. Ballerina azzurra
23. Danze ubbriache
24. Tope bianchi
25. Intermezzo II (arr. P. Lane for orchestra)
26. Pioggia di sigarette

Valses bourgeoises (arr. P. Lane for orchestra)
27. No. 1. Valse brillante
28. No. 2. Valse caprice
29. No. 3. Strauss, Strauss et Straus

30. Polka (arr. P. Lane for orchestra)
Lord Berners’ early music was avant-garde in style earning the admiration of Stravinsky, and while it was soon to become more accessible, it never lost its distinctive style and flavour. The Triumph of Neptune is one of his major works and his most ambitious ballet score, commissioned by Diaghilev with choreography by Balanchine. A ballet-pantomime-harlequinade, its inconsequential plot features music as diverse as it is brilliantly inventive. L’uomo dai baffi is a delicious ballet for puppets with stripped-back instrumentation, and Philip Lane’s deft orchestrations of Valses bourgeoises and Polka offer ripe wit.
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