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Best of Celtic Folk
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Various Artists
ARC MUSIC - World music
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1. NOEL MCLOUGHLIN: The Reason I Left Mullingar (P. Cooksey) - 4:08

2. BLEIZI RUZ: Laridés (trad., Foucher) - 3:03

3. MARGIE BUTLER: Siege of St. Malo / Flitter Dance (Cornwall / Isle of Man) - 2:45

4. DOLORES KEANE: The Island (Paul Brady) - 4:52

5. LE BAGAD DU MOULIN VERT: Dérobée de Guincamp (trad., Foucher) - 2:46

6. DAN AR BRAZ / GERARD DELAHAYE: Quand la ville dort (G. Delahaye) - 4:57

7. KIERAN FAHY: John O'Dwyer of the Glen / Chief O'Neill's Favourite (Air) - 4:50

8. NOEL MCLOUGHLIN: Here's a Health to your Company (trad., arr. N. McLoughlin) - 4:10

9. GWENDAL: Glaz Noz (R. le Gall / Y. le Berre) - 3:59

10. HELEN FLAHERTY: Bonny Glen Shee (trad., arr. Flaherty) - 2:20

11. FLORIE BROWN: The Girl that Broke my Heart / Cooley's Reel - 2:26

12. PRIDE OF MURRAY PIPE BAND: Joe McGann's Fiddle (Hornpipe, D. R.) / Old Hag at the Spinning Wheel (Jig) / Braes 'o' mar (Strathspey, trad.) / Mollie Connell (Strathspey / J. Work) / Ice in the Bucket (Reel, trad.) / Silver Spear - 3:06

13. GOLDEN BOUGH: Song of the Fisher Lassies (Ewan McColl) / Blast of Wind (trad.) - 4:08

14. NOEL MCLOUGHLIN: She Moved Through the Fair (trad.) - 2:45

15. JAKEZ: Dans Fanch (trad., arr. Jakez) - 2:54

16. ARTY MCGLYNN / NOLLAIG CASEY: The Hunter's Purse (trad., arr. A. McGlynn) - 3:12

17. GOLDEN BOUGH: Polca dos Campaneiros / An Dro / The Minstrel's Tune / The Sporting Boys (trad.) - 4:40

18. TARA: The Cotton Mill Song (trad., arr. Tara) - 2:50
The Best of Celtic Folk brings together world famous irish artists and groups including: Noel McLoughlin, Dolores Keane, Margie Butler, Tara and others. 'Celtic Music' is the collective name given to the native folk music of the Celtic nations. The Seven Celtic nations of Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Galicia and the Isle of Man share a common tradition of folk music and songs. Each musical tradition includes lively dance-tunes, melancholic airs, and songs both serious and comical. It is with this same spirit of crossing cultural and musical traditions in mind that this album is compiled. It's a 'gathering of the clans' with both native Irish, Scottish and Breton musicians and singers meeting performers from Europe and America, who have taken this wondrous enchanting and historic music to their hearts.
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