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Aguas da Amazonia (soundtrack) / Philip Glass
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Philip Glass
Kristjan Järvi, Philip Glass
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Metamorphosis I
Philip Glass's serious work in the field of "world music" was recognized long before the term entered the popular vocabulary. One of the most fruitful experiences was with UAKTI - Aguas da Amazonia, composed by Glass and performed by the Brazilian ensemble Uakti, a group that has delighted audiences and crossed musical genres for over two decades. Uakti (pronounced wah-ke-chee) is one of the world's most exciting and unique musical ensembles. The award-winning group has developed a major international following and been praised for its fearless fusion of wide-ranging musical styles. Their name is taken from an Amazon legend: Uakti was a huge creature with holes all over his body, and whenever he ran through the forest, the wind passing through his body made fantastic and unusual sounds. Like the legendary creature, Uakti makes unbelievable sounds. The magic of their music starts with the construction of their own exotic instruments using everyday materials: pipe, glasses, metal, rocks, rubber, and even water. For Uakti, anything can produce sound. After being introduced to Glass by Paul Simon, Uakti and Glass composed this colourful aural journey through the waters of the Amazon together for Grupo Corpo, a Brazilian dance company based in Belo Horizonte. Glass says: "Years ago when I first met Uakti, I especially came to admire Marco's extraordinary ear for colour and composition. This CD represents a true melding of my music with their sensibilities. For me, it is a delight and a pleasure to hear the final result." It was originally released by Point and is now reissued by Glass's own label, Orange Mountain Music. Performed by Uakti: Marco Antônio Guimarães - artistic direction, arrangements & strings; Paulo Sérgio dos Santos - percussion; Décio de Souza Ramos Filho - percussion; Artur Andrés Ribeiro - wood-winds. Guests: Regina Stela Amaral & Michael Riesman - keyboards.
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