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Sixteen Seasons (2CD)
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Antonio Vivaldi, Ástor Piazzolla, Max Richter, Philip Glass
Alessandro Quarta, Concerto Mediterraneo, Dino De Palma, Gianna Fratta
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CD 1
Antonio Vivaldi: Le Quattro Stagioni

"La primavera"
1 I. Allegro
2 II. Largo e pianissimo sempre
3 III. Allegro pastorale

4 I. Allegro non molto
5 II. Adagio e piano - Presto e forte
6 III. Presto

7 I. Allegro
8 II. Adagio molto
9 III. Allegro

10 I. Allegro non molto
11 II. Largo
12 III. Allegro

Astor Piazzolla: Les Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas ("The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires")
13 I. Otoño Porteño
14 II. Invierno Porteño
15 III. Primavera Porteña
16 IV. Verano Porteño

CD 2
Max Richter: Recomposed: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons
1 I. Spring 1
2 II. Spring 2
3 III. Spring 3
4 IV. Summer 1
5 V. Summer 2
6 VI. Summer 3
7 VII. Autumn 1
8 VIII. Autumn 2
9 IX. Autumn 3
10 X. Winter 1
11 XI. Winter 2
12 XII. Winter 3

Philip Glass: Violin Concerto No. 2 "The American Four Seasons"
13 I. Prologue
14 II. Movement 1
15 III. Song No. 1
16 IV. Movement 2
17 V. Song No. 2
18 VI. Movement 3
19 VII. Song No. 3
20 VIII. Movement 4
After its rediscovery in the second half of the twentieth century, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons has become so popular that it has become a model of inspiration for similar collections that have the same subject matter, use similar instrumental forces and, often, are commissioned to be played alongside the original. Issued in conjunction with the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Astor Piazzolla (4 July 1992), Sixteen Seasons brings together on disc for the first time the four most famous Four Seasons: hence alongside Vivaldi’s Italian concertos, also the Argentinian Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas of Piazzolla (in the version by Leonid Desyatnikov, a composer of Ukrainian origin), The American Four Seasons of Philip Glass, and the “Vivaldi recompositions” of British Max Richter. To guide us through these seasons – which are spread over different continents, climates and musical styles – is Concerto Mediterraneo, an ensemble made up of musicians from all over Italy and directed by Gianna Fratta, while the eclectic Alessandro Quarta shares the solo violin role with Dino De Palma. The liner notes by historian Alessandro Vanoli and meteorologist Luca Mercalli complete a project that also stands as a reflection on the profound relationship between man and the alternation of the seasons and the role played by climate change from Vivaldi’s day to the present.
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