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B.B. King: 100 Greats (4CD)
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B.B. King
B.B. King
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Disc 1

1. The Thrill Is Gone
2. 3 O'Clock Blues
3. What Can I Do?
4. You Know I Go For You
5. Good Man Gone Bad
6. Troubles, Troubles, Troubles
7. Walking Dr Bill
8. Shoutin’ The Blues
9. You're On Top
10. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer
11. Gotta Find My Baby
12. Why I Sing The Blues
13. Bad Luck Soul
14. Everyday I Have The Blues
15. I've Got A Right To Love My Baby
16. Cat Fish Blues
17. Sugar Mama
18. She's Dynamite
19. Woke Up This Morning
20. Things Are Not The Same
21. You Upset Me Baby
22. Fishin' After Me
23. Hully Gully Twist
24. Lonely
25. Partin' Time

Disc 2

1. Early In The Morning
2. Boogie Woogie Woman
3. Driving Wheel
4. Quit My Baby
5. Slow Walk
6. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
7. You've Been An Angel
8. Past Day
9. My Own Fault, Baby
10. Time To Say Goodbye
11. Worry Worry
12. Someday
13. Baby Look At You
14. Be Careful With A Fool
15. Blind Love
16. Confessin'
17. Days Of Old
18. Don't Cry Anymore
19. Please Love Me
20. (Ain't That) Just Like A Woman
21. Please Hurry Home
22. Dark Is The Night (Part I)
23. Dark Is The Night (Part II)
24. You Know I Love You
25. Take A Swing With Me

Disc 3

1. Why Do Everything Happen To Me
2. Why Did You Leave Me
3. My Reward
4. Please Accept My Love
5. Rambler
6. Story From My Heart And Soul
7. Walkin’
8. Bad Luck
9. Shake It Up And Go
10. If I Lost You
11. Peace Of Mind
12. My Sometime Baby
13. Blues For Me (Slow Version)
14. What Way To Go
15. Please Set The Date
16. Bad Case Of Love
17. Don't Touch
18. Get Out Of Here
19. I Need You So Bad
20. Gonna Miss You Around Here
21. I Am
22. Going Down Slow
23. Fine Looking Woman
24. Long Nights
25. I Wonder

Disc 4

1. Sweet Little Angel
2. Mashed Potato Twist
3. Shut Your Mouth
4. Mr. Pawn Broken
5. Mean Ole Frisco
6. Neighbourhood Affair
7. Don't You Want A Man Like Me
8. I'll Survive
9. Someday Baby
10. Night Long
11. Feel Like A Million
12. A New Way Of Driving
13. Lonely Lover's Plea
14. Blues For Me
15. I'm King
16. Hold That Train
17. Highway Bound
18. Understand
19. That Evil Child
20. Guess Who
21. Hard Working Woman
22. Miss Martha King
23. Caldonia
24. Easy Listening Blues
25. Don't Look Now, But I've Got The Blues
Maintaining a career and popularity over the decades is never easy, but our collection includes examples of everything that made B.B.King so great. There are traditional slow and expressive blues; mid-tempo shuffles that built on other musical forms; and plenty of signs that the man was happy to embrace rockier elements in his music. Enjoy this set of killer blues songs including "3 O'Clock Blues", "Everyday I Have The Blues" and "The Woman I Love".
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