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Adam Baldych Clouds (with Vincent Courtois & Rogier Telderman)
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Katalógové číslo:
ACT 9918-2
EAN kód:
Adam Baldych
Rogier Telderman
Zoznam skladieb
Genre: Jazz

line up:
Adam Bałdych / violin & renaissance violin
Vincent Courtois / cello
Rogier Telderman / piano


1 Clouds ( Adam Baldych) 07:07
2 Early Spring ( Adam Baldych) 05:20
3 Floricel ( Vincent Courtois) 04:45
4 Work In Progress ( Rogier Telderman) 04:10
5 The Beginning of a Dream ( Vincent Courtois) 06:39
6 And So ( Rogier Telderman) 05:12
7 Interlude ( Adam Ba?dych) 01:08
8 Jardin ( Adam Baldych) 04:52
9 In Love In Hanoï ( Vincent Courtois) 05:47
10 Troubadour ( Adam Baldych & Vincent Courtois) 02:17
11 Au Desert ( Vincent Courtois)
“Europe is different, every country is different,” says violinist Adam Bałdych, “but music is a language which can bring us together, to one place.” He, Dutch pianist Rogier Telderman and French cellist Vincent Courtois combine and juxtapose their different sounds and heritages. That is the central concept behind the trio of equals that they formed two years ago. “We have three very different personalities, we each bring very different colours,” says Bałdych. The group gave its inaugural concert at a festival which carries a strong European mission in its name: the artistic director of the ‘Sounds of Europe Festival’ which had it very first edition in Breda in Holland in February 2018 gave Dutch pianist Rogier Telderman carte blanche to form a new ensemble, and the pianist chose to invite Bałdych and Courtois. They rehearsed for a day before their festival debut.
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