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Folk Music of China, vol. 2: Folk Songs of Inner Mongolia
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1 Yan Jin Duo Lu Ma: Building Mongolian ovoos
2 Ba Ba Sang: A Mongolian song
3 Gu Li Ge: Vast grasslands
4 Yan Jin Duo Lu Ma: Brown eagles
5 Ba Ba Sang: A traditional Mongolian song
6 Gu Li Ge: Looking at the E'erdun mountain from afar (Male Solo)
7 Yan Jin Duo Lu Ma: Looking at the E'erdun mountain from afar (Female Solo)
8 Nuo Min Gao Wa: A pastoral song
9 Gu Li Ge: My dear horse
10 Nuo Min Gao Wa: A beautiful lake
11 Meng Manrong: The lover
12 Si Qin: When can I see you? (Excerpts)
13 Meng Manrong: The curvy tree
14 Si Qin: Missing my mother (Excerpts)
15 Meng Manrong: Zha en da le
16 Si Qin: The Daur since the ancient times
17 Meng Manrong: Rafting
18 Si Qin: What is the most beautiful flower?
19 Meng Manrong: Celebrating with good wine
20 You Junli: My hometown is beautiful
21 You Wenfeng: Hawthorns are ripe
22 You Junli: Fishing song (Missing my lover boy)
23 You Wenfeng: Lullaby 1
24 You Wenfeng: Lullaby 2 (Yimakan)
25 You Wenfeng: My hometown Gaijin
26 You Junli: Hunting song
27 Keine Künstlerinformation: A sip of the Amur river, the mother river (Chorus)
28 Nei Shumei: In retrospect
29 Nei Shumei: Beautiful forest
30 Man Zhujin: Beautiful mountains and clear rivers
31 A Baozhu: Sitting at the foot of the mountain and singing
32 Meng Jinhong: Lullaby (Oroqen)
33 Meng Jinhong: Soulmate
34 Nei Shumei: A traditional song (Oroqen)
35 Meng Jinhong: Leaves falling on the greater Khingan range
36 Man Zhujin: Shaman song 1 (Gankui area)
37 Nei Shumei: Shaman song 2 (Duobu'erke area)
38 Meng Jinhong: Oroqen traditional song
39 Bao Yin: A maroon horse
40 Te Mu Er Meng He: The Yalu river
41 Bao Yin: Rising sun
42 Te Mu Er Meng He: Green oasis
43 Bao Yin: Missing my parents
44 Te Mu Er Meng He: Hometown
45 Bao Yin: Song of deer (Excerpts)
46 Te Mu Er Meng He: We will suffer no more
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