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Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann: Duets for Two Flutes
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Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
Kazunori Seo, Patrick Gallois
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Duet No. 1 for 2 Flutes in E Minor, Fk. 54
1 I. Allegro
2 II. Larghetto
3 III. Vivace

Duet No. 6 for 2 Flutes in G Major, Fk. 59
4 I. Allegro ma non troppo
5 II. Cantabile
6 III. Alla breve
7 IV. Gigue: Allegro

Duet No. 2 for 2 Flutes in E-Flat Major, Fk. 55
8 I. Allegro
9 II. Adagio ma non molto
10 III. Presto

Duet No. 4 for 2 Flutes in F Major, Fk. 57
11 I. Allegro e moderato
12 II. Lamentabile
13 III. Presto

Duet No. 3 for 2 Flutes in E-Flat Major, Fk. 56
14 I. Un poco allegro
15 II. Largo
16 III. Vivace

Duet No. 5 for 2 Flutes in F Minor, Fk. 58
17 I. Un poco allegro
18 II. Largo
19 III. Vivace
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Johann Sebastian’s eldest son, enjoyed a reputation as one of Germany’s finest organists, but his career was one of mixed fortunes and he died in poverty. The dating of his Six Duets is the subject of speculation, but their level of technical sophistication is quite remarkable. Each instrument is given equal status in music that is full of the kind of joyous brilliance, passion and free-mindedness of spirit that transcends virtuosity and the stylistic boundaries of W.F. Bach’s period.
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