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Fauchard: Complete Organ Works (3 SACD)
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Auguste Fauchard
Friedhelm Flamme
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Fauchard: Première Symphonie en mi
Work length 27:59

I. Allegro maestoso

II. Adagio

III. Scherzo

IV. Final

Fauchard: In Memoriam
Work length 10:05

Fauchard: Deuxieme Symphonie
Work length 29:54

I. Prélude

II. Cantilène

III. Divertissement

IV. Final

Fauchard: Le Mystère de Noel
Work length 15:22

Theme. L'ineffable mystère

Var. 1, Le Divin Enfant

Var. 2, Les bergers

Var. 3, La Vierge Mère

Var. 4, L'étoile

Var. 5, Prière de la souffrance

Var. 6, Le cantique de l'univers

Var. 7, Final. L'hymne de l'humanité

Fauchard: Choral
Work length 10:00

Fauchard: Symphonie Mariale

I. Andante con moto

II. Choral et fugue

III. Intermède

IV. Pièce symphonique

Fauchard: Vexilla regis
Work length 10:31

Thème. Vexilla Regis

Var. 1, Choral canonique

Var. 2, Choral fugué

Var. 3, Choral harmonique

Var. 4, Choral orné

Fauchard: 5 Chorals sur Vexilla Regis
Work length 1:43

Var. 5, Choral contrapunté

Fauchard: Symphonie Eucharistique
Work length 56:27

I. Invitatoire

II. Sacrifice

III. Communion

IV. Procession

Friedhelm Flamme (organ)
"After many attempts to secure the rights to all the scores, we are now finally able to release the complete organ works of Auguste Fauchard in congenial interpretations by Friedhelm Flamme. Fauchard enjoyed the greatest success as a student of composition under Vincent d’Indy and organ under André Marchal and Louis Vierne, with Vierne doubtless exercising the greatest influence on our composer. The heart of Fauchard’s organ oeuvre is formed by four symphonies representing the highest level of compositional and playing technique; here his model, Vierne, frequently registers his presence, both in view of thematic design and compositional-technical details. This applies in special measure to Fauchard’s harmonies, though his amalgamation of modulatory processes bringing Sigfrid Karg-Elert to mind lends them a thoroughly individual coloration. It is thus that it may rightly be claimed that Auguste Fauchard, with his four symphonies, once again made very important contributions to the genre of the organ symphony."
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