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Traditional Music from Pakistan
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ARC MUSIC - World music
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1. Pani pharan noon chaliya - 5:51

2. Dil de verray vich nach kuriyey - 3:38

3. Ishq di baazi jittan naalon - 4:26

4. Aal dwaley ghup haneyra - 3:39

5. Asee ki kerna ay pyar - 5:05

6. Apnay seyr di vail kerayi - 4:13

7. Kidhray na paandiya desan - 4:12

8. Teyrey laee hameysh nain khulay - 4:24

9. Mey vanjaara - 5:23

10. Shishey utthey thuran jamiya - 3:37

11. Yaad kisey di mukdi kyu nain - 6:07

12. Oday naal jedon di yaari - 7:35

13. Chal o manna hoon ethay reyna - 8:20
Traditional songs from the Pakistani Punjab, sung by Asif Bhatti, also featuring Kamal Sabri (sarangi), Baluji Shrivastav (sitar) and Sarvar Sabri (tabla), as well as dholak (drum), bansuri (flute) and harmonium. Asif Bhatti Asif Bhatti was born in the Punjab, Pakistan's largest province. His family had no history in musical expertise and this talented young singer had to make his own way against severe opposition from both within and outside his family circle. He was amply rewarded for his efforts by gaining critical acclaim from traditionalist musicians from families of long-standing repute. Although an outsider to these close-knit and exclusive musical clans, Asif's accomplishments nevertheless forced them to recognise his indisputable command over diverse techniques: instrumental, vocal and composition. Asif learned his skills at Radio Lahore under the tuition of renowned masters Ustad Niyaz Hussain Shami, Ustad G. A. Farooq, Ustad Salamat Ali Khan and Ustad Allah Rakha. In 1974 - 1976, Asif was responsible for bringing Pakistani ghazzal (semi-classical) and folk music live to Arab audiences of North Africa and far afield through national TV and Radio. Uniquely, he was invited into the elite Nadi al-Aruba club to play before the Libyan membership on a regular basis. In 1977 he sang in the Queen's Silver Jubilee Celebrations at the Wembley Conference Centre, winning the EMI Gold Disc Award for the Eurovision Asian Song Contest, followed by first prizes in subsequent contests in 1982 and 1985. By this time Asif had also sung for the BBC and established himself as the 'voice of Pakistan' in the UK. Currently Asif devotes his time to the Noor Jehan Centre in London where he performs in concerts, networks with international musicians, promotes Pakistani music before multi-cultural audiences and trains others in tabla, harmonium, vocal and composition.
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